Innovative Amenity
Dispensing System
Made Easy

Boma series

The Benefits

BOMA offers a greener alternative
to traditional plastic bottles and soap bars.

Lower Costs

  • Reduces annual amenity costs
    by as much as 50%
  • 60~90 days worth of product
    per cartridge
  • Housekeeping spends less
    time in rooms

Less Waste

  • Eliminates over 90%
    of single-use amenities
  • Regulated 1mL of product per
    push eliminates over-consumption
  • No throwing away partially used
    bottles and bars

Guest Satisfaction

  • Travelers are more likely to stay
    at a sustainable hotel
  • Guests don't have to call to
    front desk for more product
  • High-quality product with a
    clean, subtle, elegant scent
hotel dispenser


  • Snap & Lock Cover

    Automatically snaps locked
    once closed. Keys Included

  • Matte finish ABS Plastic

    Made of durable and recyclable
    ABS hard plastic

  • Front Window

    Ensures you never run out
    of product.

EZ installing

Dispensers install easily with our
waterproof high-strength EZ-Tape.
No screws needed!

EZ Tape

Multiple colors
and configurations
for all of your needs!

1130WW-12BHC 1130BB-12BHC

Body | Hair | Cond

1120WW-11SL 1120BB-11SL

Hand Soap | Body Lotion



Your choice of personal amenities.

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Eversoft Personal Care Amenities

Meet our thoughtfully formulated Eversoft toiletries.

  • Body Lotion

    nourishes dry skin

    Body Lotion (ESO-014)
  • Hand Soap

    mild and gentle

    Hand Soap (ESO-015)
  • Body Wash

    clean-rinsing formula

    Body Wash (ESO-012)
  • Shampoo

    makes hair shiny and manageable

    Shampoo (ESO-016)
  • Conditioner

    for dry, tangled hair

    Conditioner (ESO-017)


Made of
LDPE plastic.

350ml cartridges
dispense 1ml of
per push.

Each cartridge
lasts between
60~90 days.


BOMA pump dispenser

The System

The BOMA pump dispenser is designed to work seamlessly with our collections of personal care products.

Easy to install and compact in size; BOMA is a perfect solution for hotels and resorts seeking to reduce costs and waste without jeopardizing quality.

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