The first fully-enclosed,
tamper-proof, top dispensing
Hotel shower dispenser

The Benefits

Mica offers a greener alternative
to traditional plastic bottles and soap bars.

Lower Costs

  • Reduces annual amenity costs by as much as 50%
  • 60~90 days worth of product per cartridge
  • Housekeeping spends less time in rooms

Less Waste

  • Eliminates over 90% of single-use amenities
  • Regulated 1mL of product per push eliminates over-consumption
  • No throwing away partially used bottles and bars

Guest Satisfaction

  • Travelers are more likely to stay at a sustainable hotel
  • Guests don't have to call to front desk for more product
  • High-quality product with a clean, subtle, elegant scent
hotel dispenser


  • Tamper-Proof

    Locks are on both sides of the
    dispenser to ensure product safety.

  • Matte finish ABS Plastic

    Made of durable and recyclable
    ABS hard plastic.

  • Side Window

    Ensures you never run out
    of product.

Multiple Colors & Configurations

Body Color

Front Plate
Default Designs



Your choice of personal amenities.

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  • Cleansing

    Hair shiny
    and manageable

  • Soothing

    for dry,
    tangled hair

  • Conditioning

    moisturize dry,
    damaged hair

  • Refreshing
    Body Wash


Cleanse EZ!

661 HIGHLAND is also available
in convenient countertop bottles.

  • Hand Soap

    Fresh, clean scent

  • Body Lotion

    Nourishes dry skin

  • Dish Soap

    remove grease, grime and residue

Made of
LDPE plastic.

375ml prefilled
cartridges that dispense
1ml of product per push.

Each cartridge
lasts between
60~90 days.


The System

The MĪCÄ pump dispenser is easily customizable with front cover graphics, colors and logos. It is designed to work seamlessly with our collections of personal care products. Easy to install and compact in size; MĪCÄ is a perfect solution for hotels and resorts seeking to reduce costs and waste without jeopardizing quality.

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